Main Services

Social Development Services

The Department of Social Development side provides development and welfare services, promoting healthy lifestyle through the food resilience programme. It also focuses in developing and implementing crèches and funding non governmental organizations.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services manages the governance affairs of the municipality. Our objective is to ensure that the administrative affairs of this council and administration are of a high standard. This Department is reponsible for council and commitees, legal affairs, general administration, human resourses management and communication.

Technical Services

Strategic Services is the term for a group of activities that are central to the management and long-term development of the Thembisile Hani Municipality. What we do informs a number of key processes that shape the future of the town, both physically and economically.

Budget and Treasury Office

The Finance Department manages the financial affairs of municipality. The goal is to ensure the efficient and effective management of the financial resources to ensure the financial sustainability of the municipality. It is the custodian of all municipal assets and must ensure the prudent financial management of public funds.